Covid 19 Asbestos Removal &Demolition

Progressive Environmental & COVID19

Yes, Progressive Environmental is still operating during the current situation. In fact, some clients are finding that with all the staff out of the office, it is the perfect time to get some demolition or Asbestos Removal work done faster, more efficiently, and with less staff impact than it normally would.

PPE is mandatory for our industry all the time ( including in P100 masks that are more secure than N95 masks)  so we are 100% equipped to keep ourselves safe while working in any location. The masks and PPE we use are different from what would be used by frontline workers, so we are not impacting their precious supplies, and they are not what would be recommended for an outing to the grocery store.

Progressive Environmental can put together a “socially separated” quote for you from pictures or a careful visit.

Quite a few businesses and commercial property managers are realizing this is a perfect time to complete a demolition or asbestos abatement project on a commercial or institutional space or without having to shut down while their competitors are working. With staff working from home, we can complete the needed work with less disruption to you, your business, and your staff than we would be able to while we are working around your workdays or while some staff was still working.  Often work can be completed faster and more cost-effectively.

If you would like to discuss how we can put together a quote for your demolition or asbestos removal project, please don’t hesitate to give Progressive Environmental a call to discuss how we can work together.