Home Office Reno Demolition

Your New Home Office – What you Need to Know Before You Demo For The Reno

With advances in technologies and social distancing requirements, working from home is quickly becoming the new normal.  Remote working offers up a slew of benefits – less stress, increased morale, and improved family and personal life.  And with new government and employer incentive programs available to renovate or upgrade a home office, making the switch has never been easier – and more enticing.

Planning a new home office project? Don’t forget about asbestos. Here’s what you need to know about the demolition or deconstruction and reno process.

Why asbestos testing and abatement is crucial

Asbestos is exceedingly dangerous, and it needs to be taken seriously. Before you begin any demolition or renovation project, asbestos testing should always be your top priority.
Knocking down drywall, ripping up tiles, and removing insulation can release asbestos into the air. If inhaled, this naturally occurring fibrous material can cause serious health risks like lung damage and cancer. Without the proper steps to mitigate the risks, workers, you, and your family could be exposed to asbestos.

Working with asbestos should always be left to the professionals. They have the proper training, protective gear, and years of experience in asbestos identification and disposal to keep everyone safe on your project.

Hiring a qualified asbestos specialist will ensure careful testing and removal of dangerous material, ensuring your home office venture gets done on time and on budget, safely.

How do asbestos testing and removal work?

Asbestos testing is an intricate and meticulous process, requiring the skills and attention to detail that only certified professionals can provide. Painstaking care goes into every inspection to ensure your home office upgrade is as safe as possible. Asbestos removal experts thoroughly examine your demolition or renovation area, searching underneath floorboards, inside the walls, and above ceiling tiles.

While some asbestos may be hiding in plain sight, often, it is mixed with other materials, making it a challenge to detect. A qualified asbestos testing technician will determine which materials in your home contain may asbestos. Once they locate and collect samples of the potentially affected material, they will send it off to an accredited laboratory for testing. If you indeed have asbestos, they will work with you to create a customized removal or management (abatement) plan to meet your specific needs.  If you are taking safe materials to a landfill, proper testing documents and certifications can allow you to dispose of materails at a lower cost.

Planning a demolition or renovation endeavour for your home office, but not sure where to start? Every safe and successful project begins with asbestos testing. With so many asbestos removal businesses out there, you will need to find the right one that best suits your needs and budget. That’s where Progressive Environmental comes in.
Our commitment has always been to provide you with effective, affordable, and timely asbestos testing, abatement, and removal services.

If you are in the Metro Vancouver area,  Before you start that home office project you’ve been dreaming about, contact Progressive Environmental for complete Asbestos Testing so that you can proceed with confidence.